Nadine Zamira Sjarief

Nadine is a Meridian Affiliate based in Indonesia and Southeast Asia Regional Manager of the Accountability Framework initiative (AFi). She specializes in commodity-driven deforestation and sustainable supply chain projects by contributing to strategy development, project implementation, and multi-stakeholder engagement. She has worked for organizations at both the global and regional level including The Body Shop, […]

Yanuar Nugroho

Yanuar Nugroho is a former Deputy II Chief of Presidential Staff of the Republic of Indonesia, period 2015-19. Previously, he was The Chief Expert Assistant of the President’s Work Unit for Development Supervision &Control (UKP4) 2012-14. Yanuar has been active in three Indonesian NGOs: Business Watch Indonesia, the Social Democratic Union, and ELSPPAT/Institute for Rural […]

Adhi Santika

He is a senior lecturer at the University of Indonesia. Previously, he worked at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. He is currently working on the rights of the elderly and has been closely engaged with the National Commission of the Elderly, Indonesia.

Agus Pratama Sari

Agus Sari is the Chief Executive Officer of Landscape Indonesia. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Yayasan Belantara (2016-2017). Previously he served as Deputy Minister / Vice Chairman of the Indonesian REDD+ Management Agency in charge of planning and financing for one year (2014-2015). He also teaches Technology Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at the […]

Tamrin Amal Tomagola

Dr. Thamrin Amal Tomagola (born 17 April 1947) is a sociologist from the University of Indonesia. He studied at several universities, including Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Politics, Universitas Indonesia (1974), National University of Australia (M.A. in social demographics, 1982), and the University of Essex, United Kingdom (Ph.D. in media sociology, 1990).