Several things we work on:

  • This year, Public Virtue has implemented a number of programs in cooperation with one of the leading platforms called on social assistance to workers affected by Covid-19.
  • Currently, Public Virtue is promoting critical discourse on democracy, aiming to reclaim and promote critical discussion in civic space. We encourage scholars and practitioners to support pro-democracy actors through various forms of civic education.
  • Public Virtue is developing two programs working with religious leaders and grassroots religious institutions such as Islamic boarding school or pesantren. The first program focuses on religion and tolerance and the second on Islamic jurisprudence and the environment. 

Books on intellectuals and democracy

This is our latest activity that aim to leverage the momentum of the publication and dissemination of critical opinion and reflection written in the wake of the death of A.E. Priyono – one of the founders of Public Virtue, a writer and activist who dedicated his life to improving the quality of democracy, compassionate Islam, and human rights enforcement in Indonesia.

By featuring a selection of A.E. Priyono’s writing on Islam and democracy together with learned and contextualised reflection by over 50 leading democracy activists, the publications serve as a vehicle for reviving, reclaiming and promoting open and critical discussion in the public sphere.

Through facilitated online and (pandemic allowing) offline discussion, the senior and younger generation of activist-intellectuals will debate a range of critical human rights and democracy issues, including freedom of expression, internet freedom, freedom of association, the search for democratic alternatives and the compatibility of democracy, human rights and religious thought.

In addition, Public Virtue will develop a four-page study guide aimed at teachers, academics, and students featuring infographics that will be promoted via social and digital media. We will support student book club discussion.

We encourage anyone anywhere to write the book reviews and opinion pieces published via online and print media (national and local).