Maulana Malik Ibrahim

Maulana Malik Ibrahim is an Pancasila and Civic Education graduate  from Jakarta State University. Since attending college, he has focused on issues of politics and democracy and student movements. In his thesis, he also discusses the phenomenon of democracy in Indonesia entitled “The Dynamics of Indonesian Democracy After the New Order in the Perspective of Deliberative Democracy (Analytical Studies of the Governments of B. J. Habibie, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and Joko Widodo)”. Currently, in addition to working for the public virtue research institute, he is active in several social-civic organizations and digital activism, such as Jakarta Mengabdi, Analogi_Co, and Bangsa Mahasiswa. In his spare time, he usually spends time reading books and writing content for several organizations, and often writes for the media about current political and democratic phenomena.